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Supplementing Yoga or Other Sports with Strength Training

------------------------------------------------ Thirty Minute Strength Training   by Dragos Burghiu   For yoga practitioners who are interested in gaining more strength, definition, or volume.   The Story:  For the past six months I've substituted almost all my yoga for strength training. And while I've lost some serious flexibility, I've also gained some serious strength. I was working out six days a week at around two hours per day. Let's just say you get what you put in and I've become really, really strong. However, not only do I miss yoga, but I've also lost much flexibility, and to top things off I hit a plateau. The strength training was directed towards my passion for soccer, but now that I play two to three games...

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Choosing a Yoga Mat: An In-depth Guide.

Choosing a Yoga Mat : An In-depth Guide.  Hello dear reader. Thank you for taking an interest in yoga and also this article. I'd like to help you understand some of the differences between the vast amount of mat choices there are. I’ve personally learned that choosing a yoga mat is not easy. I’ve made this guide share what I’ve learned about the different types of mats. The most important aspect of a yoga mat is the material(s) it’s made out of. Followed by the mats thickness, dimensions, then texture. This guide compares yoga mats based on the material(s) used to make them. There are five key features to compare these materials upon. The ranking system is from 1-10. 10...

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