Mental Landscapes

Theme Description

In this album my, first idea was to make pieces which can be hung at any orientation. I think it would be fun for the viewer to choose which side they like best, and be able to change it later on.

In this album, my painting process was improvisational. I constrained myself during this time to simple friendly shapes and curvy lines. The vivid color choice too is meant to be fresh and friendly.

The spontaneous approach of these pieces is greatly influenced by the height of my mood. A positive attitude coupled with a detached nature facilitate the best results. It's key that I'm enjoying myself as I paint. Otherwise, the results become lacking. There are many pieces which have fallen victim to overwork, and whenever a piece seems to be missing something, there is a temptation to fall into a negative attitude. Being detached from results is key.

As I add more elements to the canvas, they seem to compete for attention. This push and pull has to be met with a non judgemental attitude to make sure the elements balance out and harmony is nurtured over attachment to any certain element.

Like an orchestra conductor, the instruments, my emotions and energy, are kept in check through detachment. And whenever I want more noise form a section, I turn my attention to it and direct for more.