Hi! I'm Dragos. Thank you for visiting.

Why I Paint Abstract Art

As an abstract expressionist, I believe that everything we do, we do based emotions. I am fascinated by these inner sensations and emotions. I find that transmuting their energies into paintings is a fine way to explore the world within and to develop a better understanding for the inner world.

Also, abstraction exudes a mystery about it which challenges the viewers ability to relate to the artwork. A paintings relatability helps viewers connect their previous thought and/or experiences to a work. With an abstract style, I seek to skew a viewers connections. We always seek to create connections. I seek to take away some, not all, but some relatability.

The viewer, with less connections to draw on from the past, has to look deeper to find these connections. The deeper the viewer looks the more of their inner world they explore.And so the mystery of the artwork becomes a door to the inner world. The most important knowledge is self knowledge. I seek to help people see themselves better.

The Painting Process

While evolution of my process has taken many turns, it has now matured into two ways of approach. One is planned and controlled with thought out ideas. The second is a child of spontaneity, created through reactions and controlled gestures. To expand, here are the two ways better explained:

ONE: Controlled

In response an inspiration such as a story, dance, or a landscape; I investigate my inner reactions and describe them through sketching different elements. For example, for a long time now I’ve been very interested in the movement of the human body. With this in mind I plan out different expressive postures and add color and movement to represent emotions.

TWO: Spontaneous

This painting process is composed of unplanned yet decisive action. These painting begin without any prior planning. I simply examine my reactions to inspiration then proceed to add elements which I feel mirror my inner world. While I employ spontaneity, long pauses to reflect happen regularly. Here it’s very important to stay away from too much judging and thinking. Success largely hinges on detachment from negative judgements and final results.